COLORADO SPRINGS — An officer-involved shooting that occurred in late December 2021 near Woodmen Road and Academy Boulevard has been ruled justified.

On December 22, 2021 the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) received a call from the 6900 block of Palace Drive stating that a resident’s home had been shot at by their neighbor, Zillanz Falcon. When officers arrived, they learned that Falcon had previously caused property damage in the past to the same home and the resident had an active criminal protection order against him.

Falcon’s neighbor reported that after hearing two rounds fired earlier in the evening, they discovered Falcon had shot out a floodlight pointed at Falcon’s home, which the neighbor captured on surveillance. When officers reviewed the footage, they discovered Falcon was in illegal possession of a handgun as a previous felony offender.

After obtaining arrest and search warrants, officers made several failed attempts to contact Falcon via phone and by announcing themselves at his front door. Officers then made the decision to breach his front door with an armored vehicle and deploy a drone, which Falcon shot and disabled before firing on officers outside.

An hours-long standoff ensued, with Falcon continuing to fire rounds at officers from multiple locations within the home using two different guns. Falcon’s elderly mother, who has a hearing disability and other physical constraints, was found to be in an upstairs bedroom and officers deemed it necessary to rescue her due to the imminent danger.

CSPD was able to successfully extract Falcon’s mother from an exterior window of the home by positioning an armored SWAT vehicle and Sergeant Jason Reeser for cover. During the rescue, Sgt. Reeser saw Falcon near the staircase headed to the upper level of the home, and knowing officers were inside, fired one round at Falcon, hitting him in the thigh.

Falcon then either moved or fell down the stairs and shot himself in the head.

Falcon died as a result of the self-inflicted gunshot wound, and his death was ruled a suicide by the El Paso County Coroner.

The 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office determined the use of deadly force by CSPD Sgt. Reeser was justified based on the facts of the case.