COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado Springs Police Department has reported that on Sunday, May 8, just after 3 p.m., officers working in the area of Powers Boulevard and Briargate Parkway made a traffic stop when, they say, they saw a passenger throwing litter from their vehicle.

The officers say during that stop, they discovered the person driving had a warrant. That person was arrested without incident.

Officers say they cited the passenger, served, and arrested them. Afterwards, the officers say, they offered that passenger, identified as Angelique Romero, a ride home – and she accepted. But, they say, when they led Romero to the patrol car, she laid down in the backseat, refusing to pull her feet in. The officers say they moved around to the other side of the car to pull her further into the car.

That’s when, they say, Romero punched an officer in the face, hurting them.

The officers say they gained control and took Romero into custody – again – this time for assault on the officer. She has been booked into the county jail.