Court releases search warrants in Kelsey Berreth investigation


The 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office has released dozens of search warrants connected to the investigation into the disappearance of Kelsey Berreth. 

Patrick Frazee is charged with murder in connection with Berreth’s disappearance. A second suspect, Krystal Jean Lee Kenney, pled guilty in February to tampering with evidence and has agreed to testify against Frazee. 

A Teller County judge moved to release the warrants on Monday. 

In total, 28 search warrants are included in the order. The warrants call for searches of cell phone records, Google accounts, and Facebook accounts linked to Berreth, Frazee, and Kenney. They also call for searches of Berreth’s condo in Woodland Park, Frazee’s property in Florissant, a car parked outside of Berreth’s home, and a cell phone. Links to the individual warrants are available at the bottom of this story. 

Social services notified about Patrick Frazee

The warrants include details of a law enforcement interview with Cheryl Berreth, Kelsey’s mother. Cheryl told the interviewer Kelsey’s daughter was born three weeks early and required extra medical care, which prevented Kelsey from having the girl in her hospital room.

Upon learning this, Frazee became so upset and verbally abusive with nursing staff that Social Services was notified, according to Cheryl. The girl was removed from her parents’ care until investigators could determine if Frazee was physically abusing Kelsey. 

Cheryl told the investigator that Frazee later said he should have “killed” the nurse that reported them. He joked about the incident again at the girl’s first birthday, according to Cheryl. 

Frazee tries to separate himself

The documents reveal how Frazee developed a “scheme to separate himself as a suspect in the investigation.” Cell phone records show Frazee and Berreth’s cell phones were pinging off the same cell tower near his Florissant home days after he told police he last saw her.

Police say Frazee was the last person to see Kelsey alive on Thanksgiving Day.

Kelsey’s mother finds evidence of her blood

The warrants indicate Kelsey’s mother, Cheryl, was staying at Kelsey’s home while she was in town searching for her. On December 6, Cheryl saw what appeared to be blood around the outer bowl of the toilet. She took a photo of the possible blood stain and texted it to an investigator. 

The photo is included in several of the search warrants

Later that day, Woodland Park police executed a search warrant at the home

Facebook post

The warrants indicate that on December 12, someone sent Woodland Park police a Facebook message containing a screenshot. The screenshot showed a post on the Facebook page of Sheila McCorkle-Frazee. The post was time-stamped November 22 at 4:36 p.m. and read “YAY the witch is dead”

Frazee’s mother’s name is Sheila, but representatives of the District Attorney’s office say the post was not made by Frazee’s mother.

Investigators believe Frazee killed Kelsey at her Woodland Park home on November 22. 

Frazee’s Florissant ranch searched

The search warrants also reveal what was found at Frazee’s Florissant ranch, which is owned by Sheila Frazee.

Police seized 67 different items, including jeans, pairs of keys, shirts, a pair of boots, five teeth and more. It is unclear who the teeth found belong to. Police also found a bleach bottle and mop with presence of blood. A second warrant was applied to seize those items. Lab tests have been conducted on the items, but the results are still unknown.

Read the warrants: 

Warrant 18-103: Kelsey Berreth’s condo at 269 Lake Avenue in Woodland Park

Warrant 18-104: a Toyota Corolla parked at Kelsey Berreth’s condo

Warrant 18-106: Kelsey Berreth’s condo at 269 Lake Avenue in Woodland Park

Warrant 18-107: Patrick Frazee’s Verizon cell phone records

Warrant 18-108: A Motorola Moto Z cell phone

Warrant 18-109: photos of Patrick Frazee and swabs from his cheeks

Warrant 18-111: The residence at 1713 Wildhorn Road in Florissant

Warrant 18-112: The residence at 1713 Wildhorn Road in Florissant

Warrant 18-113: Patrick Frazee’s bank records

Warrant 18-115: Kelsey Berreth’s Google account

Warrant 18-116: Krystal Jean Lee Kenney’s Facebook account 

Warrant 18-117: Krystal Jean Lee Kenney’s Verizon cell phone records

Warrant 18-118: Patrick Frazee’s Google account

Warrant 18-119: Krystal Jean Lee Kenney’s Google account

Warrant 18-120: The residence at 1713 Wildhorn Road in Florissant

Warrant 19-01: Krystal Jean Lee Kenney’s Verizon cell phone records

Warrant 19-02: Patrick Frazee’s Verizon cell phone records

Warrant 19-03: Kelsey Berreth’s Verizon cell phone records

Warrant 19-04: Patrick Frazee’s bank records

Warrant 19-05: Kelsey Berreth’s bank records

Warrant 19-10: Kelsey Berreth’s Facebook records

Warrant 19-11: Patrick Frazee’s Facebook records

>> Tap here for all of the warrants

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