Colorado bill imposing stricter penalties for texting while driving passes State House


DENVER, Colo. — On Monday, the Colorado State House passed a bill that will impose stricter penalties for those convicted of texting while driving.

The House voted 56-8 on SB 17-027, which will increase a first offense from a $50 fine and one point on a driver’s record to a $300 fine and four points.

According to the bill, drivers will only be cited for text messaging while driving if using a device led them to drive “in a careless and imprudent manner.”

That would prevent citations for people texting at a red light as opposed to texting while driving.

The bill is now headed to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk.

In a November 2016 survey by the Colorado Department of Transportation, 22 percent of drivers said they had read a message on a device and 15 percent wrote a message on a device while driving at least sometimes in the week before the survey

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