(COLORADO SPRINGS) — At a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 13, Colorado Springs City Council decided to deny a request from firefighter Wesley Cosgrove with the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) to have the costs of his criminal defense covered by the city.

Cosgrove was responding to a report of a man trying to light a tree stump on fire in Dorchester Park on Oct. 16 when the brush truck he was driving ran over a woman, later identified as Margaret Miller, who was concealed under blankets and what Cosgrove thought was trash and discarded items.

On Nov. 10, Cosgrove was charged with one count of Careless Driving Resulting in Death, which is a class 1 traffic misdemeanor.

Cosgrove submitted a request to the City to cover the cost of his defense in court, which was on the docket for discussion at the City Council meeting on Dec. 13. The request was denied on a vote of six to two.

Dave Donelson of District 1 and Stephannie Fortune of District 3 were the two City Council members that voted ‘yes’ to paying for the firefighter’s costs, which would have included counsel fees, expenses, and any fines imposed.

In a memo reviewing the facts of the case for the meeting agenda, the City recommended declining Cosgrove’s request, because “the cost of defending the employee does not serve the interests of the City.”

Cosgrove is set to appear in court in El Paso County on Jan. 12, 2023.