Chris Watts details murder of his family in a jailhouse interview


The Colorado man who killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters spoke out in a jailhouse interview with authorities describing the murders. 

Chris Watts will spend the rest of his life behind bars, with no possibility of parole. He told investigators in a five-hour interview that he pleaded guilty to put an end to it all.

Watts gets emotional during part of the interview, saying he never fully planned to kill his family. He said after a conversation with his wife, Shanann, he simply felt a rage and “snapped.”

Watts said he strangled Shannan inside their home. He said it took a couple of minutes and he “simply could not let go.”

His eldest daughter, 4-year-old Bella, walked into their bedroom moments later and asked what was wrong with her mom. Bella watched her father drag her mother’s body to his truck and then climbed into the backseat with her younger sister, 3-year-old Cece. 

Watts said he strangled both his daughters at the oil site where he later disposed of their bodies.

“So, was she alive when she went into the oil tank? No?” the investigator asked.

“I put the blanket over her head,” Watts said.

Watts was emotional during his confession, saying he regrets it all and even has pictures of his family inside his cell.

“I look outside every day and I’m like – what could we be doing right now? You know, right now, I’d have a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a more than likely a 1-month-old son,” Watts said. “A beautiful wife and I’m just like, right now, it’s just me.”

Investigators told Watts they wanted to interview him because he didn’t fit the “mold” and wanted to ask him questions about the case. 

Watts was transferred to a prison outside of Colorado last year. 

Watts in the interview said he was threatened by inmates in Colorado, who told him to kill himself. 

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