The Colorado Springs Police Department is reporting that a bar fight left several people injured and one person arrested after they kicked an officer. 

According to Lt. Sokolik with CSPD, officers were flagged down by bar staff at “O’Furry’s”, located at 900 East Fillmore, between Arcadia and Institute Street, around 11 p.m. Saturday. 

Officers reported that the bouncers from O’Furry’s were in a fight with a group of patrons and during the fight several people received minor injuries. 

Police used pepper-spray like devices to help control the brawl. 

One of the bar patrons, Brian Sands, was held back by police from continuing fighting. Sands allegedly kicked a sergeant near his groin, causing pain but not injury. He was arrested for assaulting a peace officer. 

Several other involved parties were treated by medical and were uncooperative with investigating officers.