Alleged hit and run victim speaks out


WARNING: Some of these images in the video above, may be disturbing to some viewers. 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A 21-year-old man was allegedly hit by a truck while riding his longboard along 30th Street and Mesa Road near Garden of the Gods Wednesday night.

The driver left the scene of the incident.

Aidan Pratte, the young man who was hit, just got out of the Intensive Care Unit, but remains in the hospital.

Pratte’s mom, Hillery Taylor, said he just started talking on Friday and he explains what he remembers that night.

Pratte said he noticed a car was coming up fast behind him and then couldn’t remember anything.

“It literally went blank after that,” said Aidan Pratte.

Taylor said that a passerby saw the empty longboard and knew something was wrong.

“Were so grateful to them to think ok, here’s this skateboard, where’s the skater?”  said Taylor.

Pratte was taken to Penrose Hospital in an ambulance on Wednesday night.

He remains hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and a lot of road rash.  He also has a fractured face, broken nose, and a broken neck.

“We have a long recovery ahead of us,” said Taylor.

Pratte said he’s lucky to be alive.

“Any normal person that would have been through that, would not have made it,” said Pratte.

Though he said he may wear more protective gear next time, he has advice for other longboarders.

“Definitely don’t skate on the busiest of streets,” said Pratte. “But keep skating though [laughs] definitely keep skating.”

Taylor said that they still couldn’t find the longboard. It’s a natural wood-colored board with yellow wheels. It’s a custom-made board by Honey Skateboards in Colorado.  It even has the signature of the maker on it.

She said the police may need the board to help piece together what happened that night.  She is asking anyone who has seen the longboard or knows anything about the incident, to call Colorado Springs police right away.

The photos of the longboard are below.

Photo of longboard . (Courtesy: Aidan Pratte)
Photo of longboard . (Courtesy: Aidan Pratte)

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