Affidavit: Two teens killed in El Paso County were forced into “execution position”

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Two teens who were found dead in southern El Paso County in March “were forced to take the ‘execution position'” before they were shot and killed, according to an arrest affidavit released Wednesday.

10 people were charged in connection with the murders of 15-year-old Derek Greer and 16-year-old Natalie Partida, who were found dead near Pikes Peak International Raceway on March 12.

The affidavits indicate two suspects, 20-year-old Marco Antonio Garcia-Bravo and 19-year-old Diego Chacon, were responsible for firing the shots that killed Derek and Natalie. The affidavits also indicate the homicides stemmed from a disagreement over a stolen purse.

According to a witness, a day before the killings, first-degree murder suspect Joseph Rodriguez said he was going to kill one of the two teens because of a stolen purse at a party.

Seven days after the teens’ bodies were found on Old Pueblo Road, another first-degree murder suspect, Gustavo Marquez, voluntarily admitted to police how the teens died. He agreed to an interview after he was spotted in the middle of another road, “falling into traffic.”

On the night of the killings, Marquez told police, he was with Marco Garcia-Bravo (also known as Diablo) and Diego Chacon, who drove the teens to Old Pueblo Road.

Marquez said Natalie “begged for her life numerous times” before Garcia-Bravo handed her a cell phone to say goodbye to family. When she didn’t log onto Facebook, Garcia-Bravo took back the phone and said “you lost your chance.”

After that, both teens were forced to take the “execution position,” according to the affidavits.

Natalie was shot twice by Chacon, who handed the gun off to Garcia-Bravo, who fired multiple rounds at Derek, according to the affidavits.

Alexandra Romero, a kidnapping suspect in the case, told police Chacon showed up later that night at a party with a gun visible on his waistband.

He told her, “they are gone. Diablo did one and I did the other.”

Romero said she first suggested to Marquez that he bring Natalie over to Rodriguez’ house, so he, Garcia-Bravo and Chacon could “beat her up and scare her. “

She said if she hadn’t done that, Natalie would likely still be alive.

Three of the suspects in the case have accepted plea deals. Seven others are awaiting trial. The arrest affidavits for all 10 suspects were released Wednesday.>> Tap here to read the affidavits. 

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