Affidavit reveals joke gone wrong, soldier admits to killing friend on accident


A soldier accidentally shoots and kills his friend, according to police.

PFC Issac James Klippert was in court Tuesday accused of manslaughter, first-degree assault, and prohibited use of a weapon.

“They were being young, dumb and in the military, they often play jokes on each other,” according to an affidavit FOX21 obtained on Tuesday.  

This so-called joke ended with one man dead.  

Detectives reported that Issac Klippert, Caesar Diaz and Brandon Rock, had been out shooting on Old Stage Road earlier in the day. Then “after cleaning the weapons they began playing cards and drinking” it read.  

The guns were left out, including a Glock pistol on the table.

Rock told police Kilppert pointed the gun at Diaz and pulled the trigger. He expected the gun to click as if it was empty to scare Diaz, but it’s that point-blank shot that killed him.  

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office responded to the house on Saguaro Circle in unincorporated El Paso County Saturday night.

Rock told police, “there wasn’t any argument or disagreement.”  

In the document, it said Klippert grabbed the Glock 17 that was on the table. “The magazine was in the magazine well. Mr. Klippert racked the slide one time, pointed the gun at Mr. Diaz and pulled the trigger.” He admitted he had three beers earlier that night.

FOX21 reached out to the family, who asked us to respect their privacy.

A soldier who spoke to FOX21 off camera who said that people in the military are educated to use firearms, and often times that makes it more dangerous because they are so comfortable around weapons.  

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