(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The arrest affidavit for Luture Marquese Evans, who was arrested for pimping and human trafficking on Dec. 31, 2022, shows years of alleged criminal activity.

Evans is facing several felony charges including; six counts of pimping (class three felony), money laundering (class three felony), assault in the second degree (class four felony), possession of weapons by previous offender (class five felony), and pandering (class two misdemeanor).

According to the affidavit, Evans made thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars from commercial sex services, or pimping out prostitutes. The use of multiple “escort” or “hook-up” websites were used, allegedly, to facilitate the encounters. Six women ranging in age from 21-years-old to 35-years-old are the victims listed in the affidavit.

The investigation into Evans began after the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) was contacted by a “local nonprofit All Things Possible (ATP)” about a potential case of human trafficking. ATP looked into escort ads featuring one of the victims and found Evans’ contact information. Looking through Evans’ social media, ATP found other “numerous sex trafficking indicators,” according to arrest documents.

One of those indicators, which comes up numerous times throughout the affidavit, is the spade tattoos both on Evans and some of the victims. This tattoo among others is considered a sort of branding mark as well as a calling card in the commercial sex industry.

Per the affidavit, Evans’ allegedly had access to multiple women throughout the U.S. to work for him. “Luture has other women across the United States who either work for him or have previously worked for him in the past. Luture self-identified during a messaging conversation there was a total of fifty-seven women at the time of the message in 2021.”

The affidavit also showed how Evans came into possession of firearms. The name of the purchaser is redacted but the firearms were clearly purchased for Evans.

One of the women interviewed in the affidavit described Evans as “controlling and manipulative” saying, “he would insist on driving her to and from work as well as hold on to her bank cards.”

The affidavit also indicated that Evans hit two dogs on their heads, killing one, for killing chickens.

Evans’ next court date is set for Thursday, Feb. 2 at 1:30 p.m. for his preliminary hearing. He posted a $200,000 bond on Jan. 5.