Creepy Caverns: Haunted Tours at Cave of the Winds underway


MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — If you like your Halloween with a little haunted history, then we have just the tour for you.

The Haunted Lantern Tour at the Cave of the Winds Director’s Cut features ghost tales told in the depths of Manitou Springs in almost total darkness.

“As we enjoy our trek through the cave, watch your step and watch your head,” Tour Guide Dusten St. Germaine warned. “If at any point and time during this tour you become unnerved and start to cry, no one is coming to help you. I will not stop.”

Guide Dusten St. Germaine warns guests there is no turning back once the tour begins

Suspense and adventure await…if you can handle the trip.

“For this tour you must be 13 years or older,” St. Germaine said. “Some of the stories we go into have been deemed inappropriate for ages between 8 and 12, so no children.”

During the tour, your guide will tell several ghost stories based on true events, including the tragic love story of part owners George and Nelly.

“When the two became married, they were inseparable,” St. Germaine explained. “They loved each other dearly. They had another love, though. One I need to make you aware of as we enter their cave. The Manitou Grand Caverns was theirs, and as we cross that threshold into their domain, we are in their home.”

Many people believe George and Nelly remain inside in the dark caverns.

Many guests swear they have seen Nelly and her husband George
wandering through the caverns

“Nelly and George both enjoyed a good prank here and there and they enjoyed doing it to the guests,” St. Germaine said. “You are not safe just because they are dead.”

Many people believe the two lovebirds are not the only inhabitants of the Manitou Grand Caverns. Legend goes, there have been several sad souls who entered the caves and never made it back out.

Paranormal experts say limestone stores energy, which has led many paranormal groups to investigate the caves.

Warning: These pictures show the caverns with light. However, the caverns are completely dark. Leaving guests with little to no vision as they wander through the caves.

“The two most active places, generally speaking, are Lover’s Lane and Texas Pit,” St. Germaine told FOX21. “They’re the two areas where, in my experience, with those investigators they’ve had the most activity during their watches.”

A not-quite-as-scary lantern tour for those ages eight and older is offered throughout the year, but if you’re interested in this extra spooky Director’s Cut, you should act fast. These tours end soon.

Tickets must be purchased online in advance.

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