COLORADO SPRINGS— The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Director, Dan Prenzlow, is on paid administrative leave as of April 25, after accusations of an insensitive comment.

Courtesy of Department of Natural Resources

Colorado Department of Natural Resources Executive Director, Dan Gibbs, made the decision after receiving “several complaints about inappropriate comments and interactions” at the CPW Partners in Outdoors Conference in Vail, Colorado.

Prenzlow allegedly exclaimed on a stage in front of 600 people, “there she is in the back of the bus,” while addressing Alease Lee, a statewide partnership coordinator who is African American.

Fact finding investigations have been issued by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and are underway. DNR hopes to better understand what occurred in order to inform future personnel and departments of required actions.

Gibbs has designated Heather Dugan as Acting Director for CPW.

Dugan is currently Assistant Director for field services and oversees training, investigations associated with protecting wildlife and providing a safe and enjoyable recreational experience for visitors. She has worked as a full-time ranger, training coordinator, instructor and region manager for 30 years.