(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The second region of construction on the City of Colorado Springs’s next-generation fiber network is set to begin in June of 2023, according to Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities).

The first region of the fiber optic network was between I-25 and North Powers Boulevard, north of Woodmen Road and northwest of Union Boulevard. The second region of construction will encompass the Rockrimmon neighborhood west of I-25.

A map showing the two regions for the construction of a fiber optic network
Courtesy: Colorado Springs Utilities

The network is set to be completed citywide in 2028. Springs Utilities said the network will enhance utility operations, allow them to better serve customers, and meet the needs of the community. The network will also allow for multi-gigabit internet connectivity to every home and business in the city.

Construction began in the first region in September 2022. Springs Utilities says the costs of construction are being offset through a lease agreement with national fiber internet provider Ting Internet and other organizations on the non-exclusive network.