MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — The 48th Annual Labor Day Art Festival in Manitou Springs featured a range of artists including potters, jewelers, painters, and sculptors.

“We get out in the community and see what people like, what hits them,” said Juanita Canzoneri, Visiting Artist Liaison, Commonwheel Artists Co-op. “It’s great when something you’ve put together, just somebody falls in love with. It’s just a feeling that nothing else matches.”

Around 90 artists were featured in the art festival, including Sheryl Wasinger, who owns her own studio.

“I was four when I knew I loved art,” said Wasinger. “I remember, I broke my arm when I was little and I’m right-handed, but I was coloring with my left hand, and just in my head, I was thinking, I am going to be an artist.”

Sheryl Wasinger painting during the festival.

Wasinger had a booth set up at the festival featuring her work and was painting a piece for attendees to view.

“This is the piece I’ve been working on… this actually is a drive from Breckenridge to Frisco which you probably don’t recognize because it’s a little bit wild, but it’s whimsical and I’m having fun,” said Wasinger.

Canzoneri said this event helps artists receive feedback for their work.

“It’s a great way to get feedback on your work, which as a lot of artists work very insular in their own space,” said Canzoneri.

Another artist, Denise Alguesev, Owner of Designs by Denise, explained how art shows help connect artists with community members.

A necklace created by Designs by Denise.

“This is a lot of high-quality art that we have here, it’s great to see something like that as well as all the people coming out and viewing it,” said Alguesev. “We need artists here to sell and we need people to come here and appreciate it.”

Artists were able to share their work and explain their inspiration for pieces to attendees.

“I’ve had people who showed me a picture of their home and we got to pick out a piece that would fit really well in their window or with their lighting or the colors in their restroom or anything like that,” said Faithe Salladini, Owner of Mio Melange. “The engagement has been great.”

Artwork by Mio Melange.

Canzoneri said the art festival connects her with artists who she only sees once a year at this event.

“If I don’t come and talk to them at their booth, I don’t see them for years,” said Canzoneri. “So for me, it’s very special.”