COLORADO SPRINGS — Thanks to national nonprofit Freedom Alliance, one of our nation’s heroes can once again freely explore his beloved outdoors with the use of a new all-terrain wheelchair.

Marine veteran Jamie Havig has always loved spending time in nature with his wife, two children, and service dog. However, due to his worsening combat-related injuries, that became much more difficult.

“I’d say the last time I was able to actually explore the trails was probably a year and a half to two years ago,” said Havig. “I don’t get to go very far. We pull up to the hill here,” he said, motioning to the trail. “I hop out, and we can use the walker, but then we’ve got to carry the oxygen.”

That all changed on Thursday.

“Well, the first sight of the chair was when the back of the trailer started opening,” recalled Havig. “And then I seen the face of it and it had the scabbard on it, and the snowplow. I just looked at it, I said ‘wow, thing looks like Terminator.'”

Havig was gifted a new all-terrain wheelchair thanks to military nonprofit Freedom Alliance.

“This isn’t just a chair. It’s a… it’s a tank. So it’s going to help me out quite a bit with outdoor recreation, mental health you know, those wife chores that I’m going to have to do with the snowplow,” laughed Havig. “So I’m actually looking forward to the snow. I can’t wait to try that out.”

FOX21 was there for the presentation, and to witness Havig taking his new ride out for a test drive.

“I was feeling the vibe that I always feel when I get to the waterfall, which is peace and calm,” Havig said. “That moisture coming from the water, that good breeze, and just that sound alone is, is key for me.”

But if you ask him what he’s looking forward to the most? Spending that quality time in the sunshine with family.

“I’m most excited about getting outside with my daughter. She’s at that age right now where she’s very impressionable,” Havig said. “We started fishing together and we haven’t been able to kind of continue fishing together. So now that I can get down to the fishing holes that I’d like to go to, we’ll start fishing again.”