COLORADO SPRINGS — All Home Connections, a partner of AT&T, has been analyzing Google search data from across every state in the U.S. in order to determine the most searched question for all fifty states.

Colorado’s most searched question for 2021 is, “Should I buy a car?”

Courtesy of All Home Connections.

For some of our neighbors, the top searched questions were as follows:

  • Wyoming: “Should I have a baby?”
  • Kansas: “Should I go to college?”
  • Utah: “Should I cut my hair?”
  • Arizona: “Should I buy a car?”

In general, other more popular questions are as follows:

  • “Should I cut/dye my hair?” — 11 states asked if they should cut or dye their hair this year
  • “Should I get a tattoo?”
  • “Should I get a dog?”