(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The widow of a man who was killed in a suspected murder-suicide on South Nevada Avenue on Friday, June 2, says she has more questions than answers.

In a press conference held Thursday morning, June 8, Tali’Ja Campbell and her family accused the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) of failing to respond to the crime scene for more than an hour after her initial call for help.

On Friday afternoon, June 2, an alarming text sent by Campbell’s husband, Qualin, asking her to send authorities to his location prompted Campbell to call 911 before his death. In the text was a picture of the suspect who allegedly abducted her husband, keeping him hostage, and an exact location from his phone.

After reporting to police, Campbell decided to drive forty minutes to her husband’s location thinking “there was no sense of urgency,” with the dispatcher even though Qualin was less than a mile away from CSPD.

Campbell said she was the first person to arrive on scene and was shocked when no law enforcement was present. She reportedly found her husband and the suspect slumped over in the car– it was this moment Campell said she fell to her knees fearing the worst had happened.

“When we looked in the car, we could visibly see the other man in there as well with the gun in his lap, and everyone was afraid to open the door,” said Campbell.

While others stayed back, not knowing if their own lives were in danger, Campbell opened the car door in one last effort to save her husband.

“I wanted to see if my husband may still be alive. I wanted to check to see if he had a pulse. I opened the door, and I put my fingers on his neck. I couldn’t feel anything. I put my fingers on his wrist. I still couldn’t feel anything,” Campbell stated.

Qualin was eventually dragged out of the car.

“It was me that had to try to perform CPR on my husband in a pool of blood. I saw that… I shouldn’t have been the one to do that,” Campbell said.

It wasn’t until a crowd of 911 callers witnessing the scene reported shots being fired, officers finally responded, according to Campbell. Now the family is asking why there was no response from Colorado Springs police and what took so long when they finally did.

Civil rights attorney, Harry Daniels, said there is no excuse for Qualin’s death and the family is waiting to find out what mistakes were made.

“We want to know how many officers was available. How many officers was working that day? What calls took precedent?… This affects all of us… We call 911 with an emergency, we want the police to show up,” said Daniels.

CSPD said they will first answer to the Campbell family before the public in a statement sent to FOX21 News:

The loss of Qualin Campbell is a tragedy. Our condolences go out to Mr. Campbell’s family, who we know are suffering greatly. Our top priority is to provide them with answers. We are aware there is information circulating about this case, and we understand the concerns and questions that arise as a result. We will continue to gather all relevant details about Mr. Campbell’s death and ensure the accuracy of our findings. While we recognize that many members of the community are eager for immediate information, it is our duty to provide the victim’s family with support and share the details of what we have learned with them before making any public announcement. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Colorado Springs Police Department