DENVER (KDVR) — As temperatures continue to get warmer, motorcyclists will be riding more often.

While you might see a motorcyclist lane splitting in traffic, it is actually illegal in our state.

What is lane splitting?

The Colorado State Patrol said lane splitting is a traffic maneuver in which a motorcyclist drives between two rows of vehicles traveling in the same direction.

According to the Colorado General Assembly, under current law, the driver of a motorcycle is prohibited from overtaking or passing a motor vehicle by driving in the same lane as the motor vehicle or between rows of motor vehicles.

“When accidents occur from lane splitting, the motorcyclist will be on the losing side,” Sgt. Troy Kessler with CSP said. “Whether a rider strikes a car side mirror, runs into a car, or travels too fast when a motorist attempts to change a lane, riding predictably helps everyone’s safety on the road.”

Lane splitting study

Bill HB23-1059 was introduced during the 2023 Colorado regular legislative session for a motorcycle lane splitting study.

Under the proposal, the bill would require the Colorado Department of Transportation and Colorado State Patrol to conduct a feasibility study of permitting motorcycle lane splitting and report the results of the study to the transportation committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate by Dec. 31, 2023.

If you are caught lane splitting in Colorado, you will face a fine and points can be added to your driving record.