(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region (CPW SE Region) is urging the public to leave young wildlife alone, as the springtime baby boom among wildlife continues.

Bill Vogrin, the Public Information Officer for the Southeast Regional Office told FOX21News.com that if the public sees baby wildlife and is concerned for their safety, to call CPW and explain the situation. “Before you pick them up and orphan them, please call [CPW] and tell them what you see. Usually, they are not abandoned,” wrote CPW SE Region on Twitter.

Vogrin said this is especially true among fawns born this May. CPW SE Region also tweeted a picture of baby raccoons that were brought into the SE Region office on Thursday, May 18.

“Baby mammals are scentless in order to prevent predators from finding them,” said Janet George, Senior Terrestrial Biologist for CPW. “When humans touch these animals, they are imparting them with a scent their adults will not recognize. This can result in true abandonment of healthy offspring.”

On CPW’s website, it states that the agency often hears from citizens who want to help wildlife, however, CPW states, that means “keeping hands off.”

“By allowing our wildlife to retain their natural, healthy wild instincts, we show our respect for their wild lives,” wrote CPW.

CPW said if you find young wildlife, leave the animal where it is, keep pets out of the area, and observe from a distance so wild parents are not afraid to return to the area.

“If 24 hours go by and the parent does not return, it is possible the newborn was abandoned or the parent is dead (hit by a car, for example),” said Jenny Campbell, Customer Service Expert with CPW. “Call our office and we will work with a certified wildlife rehabilitation center to get aid for the wildlife if possible.”

If you suspect an animal is injured or abandoned, or to report incidents of feeding or other illegal wildlife activity, contact CPW’s Denver Headquarters at (303) 297-1192​, ​or any CPW Office.

If you wish to remain anonymous, contact operation game thief at (877) 265-6648. Rewards may be offered if the information leads to a citation.