Colorado Springs Utilities to launch ‘smart meters’ for homes and businesses


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs Utilities is installing new meters for homes and businesses to track usage accurately and help customers save money.

The new meters called “Smart Meters” will give customers the ability to track their utility usage hour-by-hour, locate leaks, and help the company find an outage faster.

It will give customers more information about how they use electricity, water, and gas and help customers make decisions to change their habits to save money.

Now through 2023, Springs Utilities will upgrade each electric meter and install new hardware on natural gas and water meters.   

Smart meters use a secure wireless communications network between Springs Utilities and its customers to help provide more services and help customers better manage their utility use.

Andres Morrison, project manager at Colorado Springs Utilities said the current meters were installed in 2005 and need an upgrade.

“We will be able to identify things like leaks a lot faster. Whenever there is an outage we’ll be able to know immediately and dispatch crews quickly and accurately without needing to wait for people to call in to tell us there is an outage,” Morrison said.

So far, Springs Utilities has installed over 4,000 smart meters and hopes to reach every home and business in the next two and a half years.

Morrison said customers should be on the lookout for notifications in the mail or by phone explaining when a technician will be arriving at their home.

Installers will drive clearly labeled ‘approved contractor’ vehicles, wear badges for identification and knock on your door before work begins. You can ask to see identification or call us to verify their visit.

For more information on Smart Meters, click here.

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