COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado is no stranger to late season snow, and since Colorado Springs will see a lot of that heavier slush this weekend, Colorado Springs Utilities and nurseries offered their tips for safety and for new growth.

“Spring snow falls are a challenge because there’s new growth on trees,” said Steve Berry, spokesperson for Colorado Springs Utilities.

CSU said there is a greater chance of this kind of snow snapping off tree branches.

“There’s a risk of those trees and that new growth coming in contact with power lines or just the heavy wet snow bringing down those power lines,” Berry said.

Berry said if the snow or tree branches bring down power lines, the best thing to do is stay away from them and call (719) 448-4800 to report it.

For tree branches, there is a simple way to prevent them from breaking under the weight of the snow.

“Just get out there with a broom and knock that clear. It’s kind of a dangerous time for trees,” said Billy Richard, Rick’s Garden Center nursery manager. “They just pushed their leaf with that little taste of rain we got the other day so they’re going to be very vulnerable to branch breakage.”

One tip to protecting new plants may seem, at first, a little counterproductive.

“We’ve had some nice easy sprinkles, nice consistent rain which is rare for us. It wouldn’t hurt to throw on a bit more water, but that’s number one is protecting that desiccation,” Richard said.

Because experts say it isn’t usually the cold that kills plants, it’s the cold combined with the dryness. But, for larger new plants, Richard said the best thing is to cover them with a sheet.

“Don’t use a tarp because that will freeze the leaves if it touches it. Any kind of old blanket or towel will do,” Richard said.

He said you can also use a pot or some type of structure to prevent the snow from crushing them.

“But young plants are flexible. It’s okay if they get ‘smushed’ flat. They’re coming right back,” Richard said.

Since Colorado Springs isn’t out of the woods yet with snow, CSU said to make sure your irrigation is turned off and drained. Also, you can wrap your spigots to keep them from freezing.