COLORADO SPRINGS — Despite it being May, people had to break out their shovels once again, with many people experiencing over a foot of snow in some places. With this heavy, late season snow, it brought along some hazards, which is what Colorado Springs homeowner, Gilbert Gomez experienced.

“I was awakened by a loud bang. I wasn’t sure what it was. I checked the backyard but I never checked the front yard until this morning when I came out here and found this,” said Gomez, pointing to a massive branch that had fallen on his car. “I have called the utilities. They said they’d somebody out here today because they’re making it a priority because of the line that is holding up the branch.”

The powerline caught the branch, which minimized the damage to his car, but the powerline now hung by a thread, which presented another danger.

“Keep your pets in and your family out of the backyard or away from the wire. Even communication lines can be energized in an event like this,” said Colorado Spring Utilities manager of operations, Bob Atkins.

Atkins said you never know if a line is energized or not, so it’s always best to stay clear and avoid touching anything on or near the line.

“If you do have a situation where you have a wire down on your property in your backyard, the best advice that I can give you is to give us a call,” Atkins said.

The number for downed powerlines is: (719) 448-4800.

CSU reported there were more than 11 thousand outages total from this May snow, with calls coming in a little after midnight.

“The largest majority of calls were coming in right as people were waking up and people were realizing their power was out. At the peak we had right around 580 calls come in,” Atkins said.

Crews have been preparing for the storm since Thursday, because they knew it was going to be a busy time.

“When you get a real heavy wet snow this late in the season, most of the trees have already had leaves on them. And that creates a significant impact on the trees and the snow break the limbs. So we started making preparations. We we made sure that we had all of our crews lined up,” Atkins said.

And they were right. The need is great across the city and CSU said they’re doing their best to tackle the downed lines and power outages as soon as possible.

“We’re doing everything that we can. We will work 24 seven until we get this, till we get all the outages resolved, until we get everybody back in power.”