(COLORADO SPRING) — The Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC has an adorable new teammate that arrived at Weidner Field to meet his new teammates on Thursday, Oct. 13.

Captain is a ten-week-old black Labrador Retriever puppy training to become a service dog. Over the next 16-18 months, the Switchbacks will support and follow Captain’s journey as he is socialized and taught commands to prepare him for his life as a service dog. Captain will be raised by his volunteer puppy raiser and will learn about 30 commands, according to a press release.

The puppy will join the Switchbacks as the team takes part in community events, activities and games. Captain will then move on to professional training for the next six to nine months where he will learn more advanced commands to become an expertly trained service dog.

When Captain graduates professional training, he will be matched with an adult, child, or veteran with a disability to help provide his partner with increased independence and loving companionship.

The Switchbacks are working with Canine Companions, a service dog provider to individuals with disabilities and professionals working in healthcare, criminal justice and educational settings at no cost.

Switchbacks fans helped select the name of the puppy through a fan voting process held earlier in October. Captain is the second Canine Companions puppy the Switchbacks have followed since their first puppy, Striker, in 2021.