Colorado Springs snow routes map shows which streets get plowed first and why


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Snow plow crews spent Tuesday battling the ice, wind, and snow. Some roads looked great, while others not so much. So which roads get plowed first and why?

FOX21 spoke with Corey Farkas, the City Streets Division Manager. He said the city breaks the roads down into three areas: primary, secondary and hot spots, and they have a map to show us where they are.>> See the map of snow removal routes in Colorado Springs. 

Mother Nature is known for being unpredictable, which is why snow crews want people to be patient when it comes to getting roads cleared.

“One of the hardest things that we deal with is the wind. It’s very frustrating to plow your route and by the time you make your loop and come back to where you started it looks like you haven’t even been there,” Farkas said.

The city streets division has a website with a map showing the areas they plow first.

“Primary roads are going to be our main arterials in town, so some examples are going to be Union, Academy, Woodmen, Platte, and Circle Drive,” Farkas said.

The main roads are selected because they are multi-lane roads with lots of traffic and have access to hospitals, but not all the main roads use the same material.

“Some of our primaries are sand routes, some of our primary are deicer routes,” he said.

Once the important streets are cleared, they move to secondary routes, which include school areas and streets that connect to main roads.

Crews said the temperatures play a role in what product they use. One of their methods is called Skip Sanding.

“Their spinners will be on, and they will drop some material they will do so far and stop for a length,” Farkas said.

This process helps them save more resources.

“The traffic coming behind those trucks is going to help distribute that material on the roadway,” he said

And if it you see brown colored snow that looks like oatmeal on the road, that means the material is working.

“That’s a sign that the deicers are working and that bound between that snow pack and the pavement is broken or is in the process of breaking and that’s when we want to get it off the roads.”

The streets division does not plow residential areas unless there are six inches of snow or more. But if you live in area that you feel is bad and needs to be plowed, you can call the city at 719-385-5934 and be added to the hot spot list.

The City Streets Division has a map of roads showing what areas they plow first and where they go to next.>> See the map of snow removal routes in Colorado Springs. >> Learn more about snow removal in El Paso County, including which roads are plowed first. 

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