Colorado Springs shoppers stock up before the storm


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With heavy, wet snow expected Friday through Saturday, many people are stocking up on last-minute items.

“It’s definitely more crowded than it usually is. I purposely went to this one because it’s not as crowded as the one by my house,” said Charis Johnson, a shopper at King Soopers.

Johnson was one of many folks out and about. She says that morning cup of coffee sent her shopping.

“It was actually prompted by a text from my husband to just get creamer for him…” said Johnson.

Like any mom though, Johnson says you have to sneak in those greens too.

“Well I make sure I get the fruits and vegetables, but I usually get more junk food than I should,” said Johnson.

Aside from the everyday items that people are picking up ahead of the storm, the American Red Cross also has some great reminders.

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