Colorado Springs Salvation Army to tackle rising number of homeless veterans with new housing models


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Salvation Army Colorado Springs has announced three new Grants Per Diem (GPD) housing models for homeless veterans in our community.

According to the organization, the Salvation Army’s current program ranks in the top two most effective programs in Colorado, yielding 31 veterans graduating the program and obtaining permanent housing and self-sufficiency. The Salvation Army’s more than 75% success ratio is above the expected 60-70% success rate required by the US Department of Veteran Affairs.

The GPD program provides transitional housing and supportive services to increase the skill levels and income of veterans who are experiencing homelessness and helps them obtain permanent housing and independence.

“Colorado Springs has more veterans than any other city in Colorado,” said Captain Doug Hanson, The Salvation Army El Paso County Coordinator. “Unfortunately, this includes more than 150 homeless Vets. The Salvation Army recognized this need three years ago, and now we provide one in five of Colorado’s beds for homeless veterans. There are still about 50 veterans who are unsheltered each night in our community. Our goal is to eventually help every one of them.”

Homeless veterans comprise about 11% of the nation’s homeless population due to PTSD, social isolation, unemployment, substance abuse, lack of affordable housing and other factors unique to Colorado Springs’ veteran neighbors. 

The Salvation Army is addressing this problem by providing three GPD housing models for veterans: 15 Bridge Housing, 16 Service-Intensive Transitional Housing, and 12 Low Demand GPD beds. Each housing model has a specific intent with unique benchmarks (summarized below) to help meet the complex needs of local veterans experiencing homelessness.

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