Colorado Springs Police Department cracks down on cold cases


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs is home to beautiful weather, scenery, and culture. Unfortunately, it’s also home to nearly 100 homicide cold cases.

That’s why the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) is utilizing new methods to spark leads on cases that have yet to be solved.

Each month, on the anniversary of their murder, the CSPD Homicide Cold Case Unit posts victims’ pictures and stories on Facebook.

“Either their face or even maybe the location or the date might trigger somebody’s memory,” Detective Rachel Cruz-Rodgers explained.

According to police, time can cause a case to grow cold but a person stepping forward can crack a case back open.

“Technology won’t always assist in these cases,” Cruz-Rpdgers said. “People have answers as well. We want to make sure that victims’ faces and their stories are still out there within our community. That way people know that if they have information, as little as they think it might be, it may be hugely impactful on the investigation.”

CSPD’s new tactics mark hope for victims’ families as well as proof that the department has not given up on finding answers. Both are something many families desperately need.

Thanks to CSPD’s willingness to use emerging technology including DNA, Paul and Betsy Krashoc say tghey were able to look their daughter’s accused killer in the eyes decades after she was brutally murdered.

“They never quit working on it even when it went cold,” Paul told FOX21. “They never forgot. The job they did over the years, maintaining the evidence and maintaining the dna, I think they did a terrific, terrific job.”

Currently, CSPD is investigating approximately 91 cold cases. If you know anything about any of those cases, you are urged to contact police.

Your tip just might bring peace to a family and justice to a criminal.

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