(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Two organizations in Colorado Springs partnered to provide free laundry services to people experiencing homelessness.

For Pride and Honor — a budding nonprofit with a focus on helping veterans who are homeless, disabled or income restricted — and Peer Connect — a nonprofit which helps people through homelessness, addiction and recovery — the free laundry event culminated on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at Laundry Town on North Murray Boulevard.

“We picked this place because we are like-minded in wanting to serve the homeless and veteran community,” said Michael Garver, with Pride and Honor.

Organizers said clean clothes can make all the difference in the life of someone experiencing homelessness.

“That could be the thing that makes their day,” said Taylor Ballard, with Peer Connect. “That could be the thing that keeps them sober for that day, or that we give them the opportunity to go and get a job.”

Garver said it helps them feel fresh, while also adding to their self-esteem.

“These folks get spit on, kicked on, chased out of places every day, all day. Showing them the dignity and respect that they are deserving of is what we’re here for,” Garver said.

On Wednesday, the organizations paid for over 20 loads of laundry, and provided free sandwiches and snacks.

“Probably 25 people have come today,” Garver said. “We’ve done a total of 195 loads since March and we are looking to triple that within the next month or so.”

This all goes to show folks that anyone is deserving of some love and respect, and to feel like a valued part of the community.

“You start hearing their stories, you know,” said Shakilla Saeed, co-founder of Peer Connect. “It’s very concerning that they’ve gone through these things and they’re still walking and getting up every day. So try to be kind.”