Colorado Springs man honors 9/11 victims in unique way

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — People from all across the Front Range remembered 9/11 Sunday.

One local man had a unique way of doing so.

Every September 11 since the attack, Criss Seal has taken an American flag and stood on the corner of Academy Boulevard and Galley Road.

While things continue to change since the tragedy, Seal still comes out hoping to spark change.

After seeing the towers come down, Seal couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

“Felt like there was something I had to do,” said Seal.

For 15 years, he’s done this to show support and make a difference.

“Unity for the community. Just proud to be an American,” said Seal.

His favorite part?

“Seeing this. Seeing everybody honking,” said Seal.

Since 9/11, his motivations have evolved. He wants people to see this and think of other ways they can improve our community and be kind to one another.

“Holding a door open, paying for the meal behind somebody else. Just having that unity for the community,” said Seal.

He wouldn’t be doing anything else today.

“I’m proud to do it every single year and I’ll keep doing it every single year until I can’t do it anymore,” said Seal.

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