Colorado Springs man builds ninja obstacle course to train others


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Do you have what it takes to be a ninja warrior?

For the past four years a Colorado Springs man not only built a ninja course, with 35 obstacles in his front yard.

But he’s also competed on the ninja warrior show a few times himself, so he’s created an Altitude Ninja Training course in his back yard to help train others in Colorado.

To help other fitness enthusiasts get ready to compete, and try out some of the ninja obstacles.

“I get a call from my mother one day, and she said turn on this channel you might like this competition, the question was asked do you have what it takes to be a ninja warrior I answered that question and started to build this course the very next day,” Damon Marcucci, owner of Altitude ninja training course said. “You have to train extensively for. It’s a lot of upper body stuff, a lot of agility stuff, you have to be super strong, super determined, and have the heart of a ninja warrior,” Marcucci said.

Now Marcucci is currently injured, but he says he normally trains for about 15 hours a week. His goal is to be ready for the upcoming ninja warrior competition this spring.

Now some of the people you see using the course in this video are a part of a group called the WolfPack.

They’re also getting ready to compete on the ninja warrior show coming up in Denver.

However, in the meantime, they are helping put together a WolfPack ninja tour this April in Denver.

Where everyone can watch, compete or try out some of the ninja obstacles.

“In the WolfPack, we are really trying, to help kids become their own ninjas, and we’re focused on health and academics and nutrition, and doing all the right things, to make themselves their own role models,” Noah Kaufman, Ninja Doc /Wolfpack leader said.

The WolfPack tour is in Denver on April 29th and 30th, tickets are still available and part of the proceeds goes to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

And if you want to try it out, start training for the ninja warrior games in the future.Click Here: Altitude ninja training course on Facebook.

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