COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber has been named the United States Hispanic Chamber “Small Chamber of the Year.”

The Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber works to improve and develop business growth and sustainability of Hispanic owners, small businesses, women, and minority-owned businesses.

“We work to empower and advocate for our Hispanic and multicultural businesses here in Colorado Springs,” said Joe Aldaz, President and CEO of Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber. “Specifically focusing on our small business community to provide them the resources, the connections to grow and see that their business thrives in our community.”

The Hispanic Chamber provides multiple resources to the community, including workshops for business owners.

“Business owners are able to attend and learn great new things on how to expand their businesses and making sure that they’re getting the best marketing and publicity possible and making sure that they’re running their companies in an efficient and effective way,” said Longinos Gonzalez, District 4 El Paso County Commissioner.

Gonzalez is a member of the Hispanic Chamber and said he is proud the organization is being recognized.

“I’m so happy that the rest of the country is learning what we already know, that we have a great local Hispanic chamber and that we’re doing great things for our small businesses and our community,” said Gonzalez.

Formal recognition came from Mayor John Suthers and Colorado Springs City Council.

“So the City is really excited to be able to join in the celebration of our local chamber being named the small chamber of the year and this is exciting for our community,” said Wayne Williams, a Member of Colorado Springs City Council. “Colorado Springs is a very diverse community. We’ve got folks from all walks of life and all backgrounds and we’re excited to participate in the recognition.”

Mayor Suthers sent a letter of recognition and congratulations to the Hispanic Chamber.

“The Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber proudly serves as an influential voice and valuable resource for its members in the Colorado Springs business community. It is the voice of Hispanic and multicultural businesses providing a variety of resources provided to benefit its small business members through workshops, lectures, networking events, speakers’ bureau, and leadership programs.

Written in letter from Mayor Suthers

Aldaz said a goal for the future is to add more members to the Hispanic Chamber and move up to a medium-sized chamber.

For those interested in becoming a member the application is online.

“If somebody wants a very personal approach, I’ll meet for coffee and have fellowship and discuss the work that we’re doing,” said Aldaz. “So they are better informed on making the right type of decision for their business.”