(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A new outdoor vacuum system has been introduced by the City of Colorado Springs as part of its ongoing efforts to pick up litter along streets and medians, Wednesday morning on Jan. 11.

The Public Works Department can now use three portable vacuums for the Keep it Clean COS initiative launched by Mayor John Suthers in 2022. The initiative aims to reduce litter throughout Colorado Springs.

“Prior to adding these machines, picking up litter was solely human-powered,” said the City. “The machines are expected to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.”

The City will prioritize cleaning locations near heavy traffic corridors, such as Academy Boulevard, Austin Bluffs Parkway, Garden of the Gods Road, Nevada Avenue and Woodmen Road. Residents can also report areas with litter through the GoCOS! mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

“The suction on these things is pretty amazing,” said Suthers. “They go along and pick up trash along the highways. When you add that to some of our other cleanup crews… I think it’s going to make a big difference.”