COLORADO SPRINGS — Comcast announced that Colorado Springs is the first community in the state to have increased internet speeds throughout most of the city.

The company introduced faster download speeds of up to 2 Gbps over already existing connections as well as faster upload speeds that are ten times quicker than current levels, according to Comcast.

“During the pandemic, we saw how vital having a fast, reliable internet connection is for all people, and demand for internet services continues to increase at a fast pace,” said J.D. Keller, Senior Vice President of the Comcast Mountain West Region. ”Comcast’s investments in our network will keep more people in Colorado Springs securely connected and ensure they have the technology today to meet the needs of tomorrow.”  

According to Comcast, faster speeds won’t be the only benefit for customers. The company said they are working to evolve its entire network to 10G. A global collaboration of companies in the Internet industry supports 10G as a next-generation technology platform. The collaboration is “focused on building networks that stay ahead of consumer demand for connectivity.” According to Comcast, it will provide “even greater network reliability, lower latency, faster troubleshooting, and increased energy efficiency.”

Soon, Comcast’s multi-gig speeds will be available in all service areas in Colorado Springs and the rest of Colorado. As of now, the company said there are more than 300 miles of fiber in Colorado Springs and 10,000 miles throughout the state.

“By investing in infrastructure upgrades that ensure secure, reliable connectivity for all our residents and businesses, installing free Community WiFi Lift Zones, and supporting Olympic City USA in a variety of ways, Comcast has shown a commitment to Colorado Springs and to ensuring our city is preparing for tomorrow – today,” said Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers.