(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The El Paso County District Court has ordered a Colorado Springs UCHealth doctor to pay a fine of nearly $1,000,000 for medical battery against a patient.

On Oct. 7, 2022, Dr. Tiffany Willard of Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs, was found to have committed medical battery against her patient, Carrie Kennedy, following a ten-day jury trial. Willard was ordered to pay more than $974,543 for performing a surgery without the consent of her patient, according to court documents.

“The amount represents the amount determined by a jury to pay for Kennedy’s past and future medical bills and to compensate her for the pain, suffering, and humiliation,” stated a press release sent by Malnar Injury Law.

On Oct. 10, 2019, Kennedy went into surgery expecting to have a simple procedure performed to extract a small skin tag outside of her body, according to the press release. Instead, Willard performed an “internal PPH stapled hemorrhoidectomy, an invasive, internal procedure intended for circumstances very different from those with which Kennedy presented.” As a result of this procedure, Kennedy was left with severe fecal incontinence, according to a testimony during trial.

“The pain and humiliation of this condition has had a devasting effect on Ms. Kennedy’s life,” said the press release.

In 2017, Willard was sued for a case involving her and her husband – Dr. Khurram Khan who is a general surgeon. The 2017 case involved the death of their patient, per the press release.

Both Willard and Khan continue to work for UCHealth, according to Malnar Injury Law. An additional lawsuit is pending against Willard, alleging medical negligence. Willard is accused of severing a spinal accessory nerve during a biopsy of another patient. That case is currently set for trial on March, 7, 2023.

FOX21 News has reached out to UCHealth and is waiting for comment.