Colorado Springs dealing with the downed trees post-Wednesday’s storm


COLORADO SPRINGS — Now that the heavy winds from Wednesday have subsided, attention is now turning to clean-up efforts. Headway is already being made around Colorado Springs as roadways are starting to clear.

Crews working to clear roadways. Credit: Joe Swanson

“Number one priority is getting the bulk branches and trees off the roadways and out of the right-of-way. That’s going to take us the better part of a couple of weeks to get done throughout the entire city,” said Corey Farkas, Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division Manager.

On Thursday, Dec. 16, crews tackled debris in roads and sidewalks. They said they were prioritizing areas that people had reported online by either calling in or through the city’s mobile app.

The city has been prioritizing areas reported by the public. Credit: Joe Swanson

“We’re making a list of those and getting those taken care of first. Then, we will be driving street by street identifying anything that might be left over to go ahead and remove and get cleaned up,” Farkas said.

Farkas said the process of removing trees from roadways and sidewalks should take them about several weeks, but overall cleanup could take several months. He also said they are only removing public trees and clearing ones that have fallen in public areas, which means many homeowners are figuring out ways to remove the downed trees in their yards.

One man in Colorado Springs started pitching in to help the city by clearing some trees from roadways.

Alan Gilbert helps neighbor of 20 years with her tree. Credit: Sarah Hempelmann

“It was sticking out in the street, like, five feet only. I’ve had a couple more up the road that were blocking the whole street so this is my last one for the day I’m just cutting it up,” said Alan Gilbert.

Then he realized some of his neighbors needed help as well.

“I’ve known the lady who owns this house for, like, twenty years and I work right up the street and I noticed it was down so I told her, hey, call your landlord, I’ll take care of the tree for you,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert cutting the tree into small pieces to make it easier to haul off. Credit: Sarah Hempelmann

If you have fallen trees in your yard, you can call an arborist to cut and remove the tree, or you can cut it up yourself. Trash services will accept smaller branches for curbside pickup or you can haul larges pieces to a number of landfills around town.

The following are some local sites:

  • Waste Connections Landfill, Fountain – 10000 Squirrel Creek Road, Fountain
  • Waste Management Landfill, Colorado Springs – 1010 Blaney Road, Colorado Springs
  • Waste Management Landfill, Midway – 8925 Rancho Colorado Blvd., Fountain
  • Monument Transfer Station, Monument – 856 Washington Street, Monument

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