Colorado Springs cleans out stormwater debris


COLORADO SPRINGS — The city is working to improve it’s storm water drainage system.

It’s all part of maintaining water quality which means reducing the amount of debris and sediment entering the waterways. About 20,000 pounds of debris, trash and sediment from two large stormwater debris nets were cleared out Thursday.

“We are emptying out a two vault system in the north eastern part of the city of Colorado Springs,” said Water Quality Program Manager Jeff Besse.

This prevents trash, sediment and debris from entering into Monument Creek and downstream communities.

“Basically this is a filtration system with large bags,” Besse explained. “All the solids whether it be styrofoam, plastic, sediment, etc. would end up in our waterways.”

The Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division inspects and maintains a total of 26 smaller underground debris catchment systems at strategic locations along the city’s stormwater system.

“It is designed very well,” Besse added. “We do have to factor off some of the water, otherwise it would be a big mess when we clean it out so we factor some of the water that comes in.”

This is part of the Stormwater Enterprises’ efforts to maintain water quality by reducing the amount of debris and sediment entering the system and our waterways.

“Whether it’s accidentally or purposefully we’re talking plastic bottles, we’re talking styrofoam, obviously a lot of sediment, baby diapers, you name it,” Besse said. “It’s kind of like a landfill in there.”

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