Colorado Springs business owners on edge after shots fired shatters windows


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — “Suddenly, I heard it go, ‘ponk!’ And I go, ‘what is that?'” said the owner of Yong’s Barbershop, who preferred to stay anonymous.

They’re boarding up what was shot to pieces.

“That’s when they shot at me, and just missed me, and shattered the window behind us, and that’s when we called the police to come and get them,” said Kerry Grayam, property manager of the shopping plaza.

Police can’t yet say if they came from BB guns or a type of air soft rifle, but Grayam tells FOX21 it’s been going on since last week.

Grayam says businesses off Pikes Peak Avenue and Circle Drive have been taking a hit for four days now.

“They’ve shot out a couple windows already and another one today,” Grayam said.

Customers walking in and out of Paul’s Liquor Store have also taken a hit.

No one was seriously hurt, but it has patrons and store owners scared.

“I’ve been here what? 13 years and it was really nice, quiet. Now it really start with violence coming through,” the owner of Yong’s Barbershop said.

Now, Friday morning’s shooting has her business’s future up in the air.

“Oh my gosh, do I have to do this business longer, or do I have to quit?” she said.

While the shootings in the last couple days happened at night, this is the first time shots were fired during daylight hours.

But Grayam says they appear to always come from directly across the street where an apartment complex sits.

“It’s stronger than a BB gun, but they’re not sure and neither am I. It was strong enough to blast these windows out,” Grayam said.

Regardless of what type of gun or where the shot came from, it’s had an unfortunate impact on these businesses.

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