COLORADO SPRINGS — The City of Colorado Springs has added another red light camera at Powers Boulevard and Dublin Boulevard.

Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) said that the camera was activated on Sept. 13 and that there will be a 30-day warning period for drivers. Before Oct. 13, drivers captured by the camera running a red light, will be issued a written warning by mail, then on and after Oct. 13, drivers caught running the light will be issued a $75 citation and points will not be added to their license.

This new camera is the 19th red light camera added in Colorado Springs, the others are:

  • East Platte Avenue and Chelton Road
  • Briargate Boulevard and Lexington Drive
  • North Academy Boulevard and North Carefree Circle
  • North Academy Boulevard and Dublin Boulevard
  • Lake Avenue and East Cheyenne Mountain
  • Airport Road and South Academy Boulevard
  • East Platte Avenue and North Union Boulevard
  • East Woodmen Road and Duryea Drive
  • Austin Bluffs and North Academy
  • Platte and North Murray
  • Woodmen Road and Black Forest Road
  • Barnes Road and Tutt Boulevard
  • Maizeland and North Academy
  • Voyager Pkwy and Academy Blvd
  • Colorado Ave and 31st Street
  • Academy Blvd and Astrozon Blvd
  • Voyager Pkwy and Interquest Pkwy
  • Union Blvd and Fillmore Street

CSPD and the City of Colorado Springs are working to change driver behavior with increased enforcement of red light laws and increased public awareness of red light running. These cameras operate 24/7 and citations are issued after images of vehicles running a red light are confirmed by police personnel.