COLORADO SPRINGS — Scaling thousands of feet up a wall is not something most kids have done. But for one Colorado Springs 8-year-old, climbing to the top of a cliff is a fun challenge.

Sam Adventure Baker is even on his way into the rock-climbing record books. He has his sights set on a grand goal to be the youngest to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

The 3,000-foot granite wall is an iconic summit for climbers to ascend.

“It’s one of the biggest accomplishments of climbing. It’s not just about him getting this record, it’s about just him doing it. And us doing it together,” said Joe Baker, Sam’s dad.

At 8-years-old, Sam Adventure has already climbed more cliffs than most people. Sam and Joe just recently climbed Moonlight Buttress in Zion National Park, known for its 1,200-foot knife-edge exposure and stunning views up and down the canyon.

“Lost Arrow, Pingora, and Moonlight Buttress. That was probably the hardest climbs I did,” said Sam Adventure Baker.

Part of Sam’s rock climbing training is teaching him to be a strong leader. Baker says he wants rock climbing to be a catalyst for his kids to learn self confidence and give them courage to conquer anything.

“I just hope that some day he’ll face a really big challenge in his life and he’ll be able to look down in his heart and remember these climbs we did and say, you know I think I can overcome this. I think I can do swim thing that feels impossible,” said Joe.

It will take around 5 days for Sam and his dad to climb El Cap. The journey consists of camping on the side of the sheer rock walls on a portaledge.

“It’s like a treehouse way up in the sky,” said Sam. His dad laughs and adds, “It’s like a big bed you attach to anchors and you hang from the wall in. It’s a pretty unique experience.”

By taking Sam on mountain-scaling ventures, Joe hopes to help Sam develop self-confidence, perseverance and character. The climbing duo also hopes to inspire other kids to courageously explore the world and try new things.