COLORADO SPRINGS — Senator Michael Bennet and Senator John Hickenlooper have written a letter to the Secretary of the Air Force, Frank Kendall, asking to consider the cost and national security factors in regards to the review of U.S. Space Command basing.

The Senators from Colorado wrote a letter Tuesday, Sept. 27 saying that it was their understanding, that a review of the Space Command basing decision, was a task assigned to the Air Force.

In the letter, the Senators ask Kendall to address the potential costs of making Peterson Space Force Base the headquarters of Space Command, and also for a briefing prior to a final decision.

“The Air Force must assure Congress and the American people that the final decision is rooted in defensible evidence,” write Bennet and Hickenlooper. “A final decision must be based on the imperative to face rapidly evolving threats in space, especially in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s expansion of regional influence. We cannot afford to delay Space Command’s pathway toward reaching Full Operational Capability.”