FRANKTOWN, Colo. (KDVR) — Strawberry is a 14-year-old quarter horse who lost her left eye due to neglect by her owner. She was headed to slaughter, until Mimi Kuchman stepped in.

“All (horses) need is love. And once you see the love come through, and they feel that love, they will start to react to it and perform for you,” Kuchman SAID.

Hope for Hooves is an organization Kuchman founded six years ago. It rescues horses, like Strawberry, from kill pens and meat auctions. The goal is to rehabilitate these horses until they’re ready for adoption.

“Some (horses) stay a month, and some stay years depending on where they are (in their journey),” Kuchman said.

Hope for Hooves is currently caring for three rescues and can handle as many as 12 between their equestrian centers in Parker and Franktown. With the proper care, Kuchman believes they can improve the lives of equines who have been surrendered, neglected or abused.

“That’s important to me, I want them to be in a happy place,” Kuchman said proudly.

The Hope for Hooves organization is really about second chances. And, it’s been successful. Over the years, Mimi estimates 40 horses have been saved by placing them in forever homes.

“It gives me a tremendous feeling of pride that I was able to be helpful in that process for that one animal,” Kuchman said. “Because I was able to change that one animal’s life, it’s huge.”

It’s a great partnership between horses and humans. Kuchman hopes to find a new home for Strawberry in 2022.