LARKSPUR. Colo. — On Saturday, the Colorado Renaissance Festival held its 45th annual fair in Larkspur, and it’s truly a blast into the past.

“There are wonderful crafts and costumes and people and yummy food and drink,” said “Leonardo Da Vinci”, a cast member at the fair.

A sword swallower asks for help from the audience for his next trick.

And, after months of set-up and rehearsal, the gates are finally ready to open.

“We’re so excited to have everybody joining us. The village is already a bustle,” said a member of royalty at the fair, “Theodore Wenglewick, Duke of Larkspurshire”.

Organizers said the renaissance festival is growing in popularity because of the unique way that it draws you in.

One of the shows involved hand-to-hand combat.

“To the food to the entertainment, we try to make everything a part of the experience and really bring you all into that experience with us. Make you a part of the village,” said cast member and organizer, “Queen Anne of Larkspurshire”.

From the shows to the street acts to, of course, the jousting, the fair seeks to entertain, while keeping the spirit of the renaissance alive.

The most popular event at the fair is the jousting tournament.

“I encourage everyone to come down and experience the magic,” said Duke Wenglewick.

The fair will run for eight weekends through the summer. For a full schedule and for themed weekends, click here.