COLORADO SPRINGS (KXRM) — Texas women are driving thousands of miles to get abortion procedures in Colorado after the state passed a new abortion law.

Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountain said they are seeing a 130% increase in patients statewide.

The new abortion law for Texas went into effect last month only allowing women to have an abortion before a fetal heartbeat is detected which is around 6-weeks. The law also doesn’t include exceptions for victims of rape or incest and allows private citizens to sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion.

Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountain President and CEO Vicki Cowart said she fears more states will follow Texas’s lead. This uptick in patients from Texas will cause a longer weight time for local patients.

“There were over 600 restrictions that were introduced last year and over 100 passed so we are facing a country where more than half of the states could outlaw abortion within the next year,” Cowart said.

The Christian organization located in Colorado Springs, Focus on the Family is in support of those lawmakers standing up for protecting unborn lives.

“We applaud the efforts of the legislatures, and the Governor in Texas, they are really standing up for the weakest among us and the most vulnerable, which are the preborn babies,” Executive Director for Advocacy for Children Robyn Chambers said. “I think one of the goals we have here at Focus on the Family is to find resources for that young woman to carry that child to term, lets find a way to support her to keep that child, not a place to go to find an abortion so yes I do believe this will save lives.”

Colorado health clinics are already feeling the impact.

“This law has ripple effects for patients here in Colorado and New Mexico particularly,” Cowart said.

Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountain used to see 9 patients from Texas a week, now they see 20 patients. Cowart added that Oklahoma could be next to see more abortion bans being made into law by November.

“We are here to open our doors and make sure they get the care that they need or want and constitutionally allowed to have,” Cowart explained. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, we will take care of you.”

“Sometimes a young woman just needs one person in her life to say Congratulations, how can I help you? How can I support you?” Chambers added. “Then the next thing I would do to support her is let’s get some resources, let me get you connected with someone who can talk with you about all of your choices and just really supporting her. One of the things I love to say is that women are strong enough, women are brave enough to have that child and follow her dreams, I want her to hear there is someone to say that you can do this.”

The Supreme Court will hear about a Mississippi case on December 1, which could lead to overturning Roe vs. Wade.