COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has launched its brand new mobile air-monitoring van, which helps the department detect emissions across the state and find fugitive emissions and leaks from oil and gas operations and other facilities in Colorado.

It will supplement the existing Colorado Air Mobile Monitoring Lab, a portable trailer that can be taken to an area of interest but requires an external power source and cannot monitor air quality while moving.

“We’re excited about this new mobile monitoring van, but more importantly, we’re excited about how we can use it to help the people of Colorado,” said Shaun McGrath, director of environmental health and protection at CDPHE. “With this van, we’re now better equipped to track down fugitive emissions and, visualize and quantify emissions of methane and other pollutants.”

The funding for the van comes from a fine levied on oil and gas company Kerr McGee by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after the tragic explosion and loss of life in Firestone in April of 2017.

“Colorado’s ambitious pollution reduction and air quality goals require high-quality data, and the new mobile monitoring van will enhance both the quality and quantity of data available to us,” said Garry Kaufman, director of the Air Pollution Control Division.

The mobile monitoring van tracks emissions in real-time while in motion, giving air quality staffers flexibility and options on how to find the emissions source.