COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Fewer Colorado businesses are testing employees for marijuana use.

The Associated Press reports new research shows over the past two years, 7 percent of Colorado companies have dropped pot from pre-employment tests.

FOX21 spoke with a local business owner about their policies on pot.

Bingo Burger has been open in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for going on 10 years.

Owner Richard Warner has been around the small business block since long before recreational marijuana was legal. He says he’s not surprised corporate companies are becoming less worried about it.

“Would you test someone for alcohol or something like that I mean it’s legal like alcohol is. Why would you test someone for marijuana especially if it’s legal?” said Warner.

The Denver Post reports this ease up on weeding out the pot users is happening because unemployment is so low, companies can’t be choosy and Warner agrees.

Warner said, “The influx of people into our state and all these small businesses opening up, it’s a challenge to try to find good quality people but I don’t think the fact that they smoke marijuana would be a reason to not hire them.”

Bingo Burger doesn’t drug test employees and never has, partly because it would be far too expensive. Their policy is as long as you come to work and get your job done right, you should be fine.

“What people do on their own time outside of work, obviously I can’t judge them or control that or do anything about what goes on there,” said Warner. “Just as long as they come to work sober and ready to work that’s all that really concerns me.”

Warner also says in the time Bingo Burger has been in business, they’ve come across maybe two or three workers high on the job and it happened before the legalization.