COLORADO SPRINGS – This weekend marks nine years since a young college student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs was murdered. Today the case remains unsolved.

Angelina Marie Sicola was like any other sophomore in college, trying to find her way as an adult. Sicola Studied Communications and loved Taekwondo. On her path to achieving a second-degree blackbelt and becoming an assistant teacher. Midway through that year, Angelina moved into her first apartment. Just a few months later, she was found dead.

Early in the morning of May 2nd, 2013, Angelina was supposed to meet her older sister to drop off a parking pass but never showed up. Several hours later, she had plans to meet her father for a doctor’s appointment. Angelina failed to appear there as well.

Confused by her behavior, her dad decided to check on her at her off-campus apartment near Austin Bluffs and Academy Boulevard. He entered her unlocked apartment and found his youngest daughter. She had been strangled to death. It has been nearly nine years, and Angelina’s case remains unsolved. encourages people to come together, come forward, and contribute. Anyone with information can submit tips on the website. People can also contact Colorado Springs Police.

Her family believes someone knows something, and someone will step forward if a community is fighting for her cause.

CSPD Statement:

“For us at the Colorado Springs Police Department, cold cases are never “cold.” No matter the length of time that has gone by, we never lose sight of what is important: Finding answers for the families and loved ones left behind. The CSPD Cold Case Unit is a team of humble professionals who work every day for those whose tragedies were left unsolved. They are dedicated to their mission and to each individual, including Angelina Sicola. We remain as committed to solving her case today as we did all those years ago. Our hearts are with her family as we approach her anniversary.”