Colorado Civil Air Patrol trains at El Paso County airport


PEYTON, Colo. — The Colorado Civil Air Patrol, or CAP, is training at Meadow Lake Airport in Peyton this weekend.

CAP is an all-volunteer organization. Federal, state, and local authorities rely on them to provide search and rescue assistance and disaster relief in times of need.

Saturday’s events were centered around training cadets ages 12 to 18 in one of CAP’s main missions, emergency services. Cadets are learning to use direction-finding equipment to locate downed aircraft, and they’re getting radio operator training.

“I’m only 16 years old, sophomore in high school, and being able to come out here and serve my country, being able to serve the state and my community, being a part of something bigger than myself, being somebody who can help other people, help produce more leaders of character my age, is by far the most rewarding experience about Civil Air Patrol,” cadet chief master sergeant Taylor Metzger said.

Many of the cadets plan on going into the military or becoming pilots in the future.

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