COLORADO SPRINGS — May the Fourth is Star Wars day, and nerds hailing from the most unlikely places shared their appreciation for the beloved science fiction series.

You can find a Star Wars nerd just about anywhere on Star Wars day, but you might be surprised that even our state’s highest office is not immune to the pull of the Force. Governor Jared Polis tweeted about the day, and shared the link to an auction for Coloradans to bid on an array of Star Wars themed license plates. The auction will benefit the Colorado Disability Funding Committee, which works to raise and distribute funds in support of Colorado disability programs.

Would you guess Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is a member of the Jedi Order? Neither did we! Luke Skywalker would probably agree that blue is an excellent color for a lightsaber.

The Attorney General isn’t the only Jedi serving our community. The Pueblo Police Department shared this photo of Captain Purvis wielding his own blue lightsaber, and if you thought an officer of the law could resist making the famous “fwoom fwoom” sounds of a lightsaber… think again.

Also on Wednesday, at Colorado’s own space port, travelers arriving at Denver International Airport were treated to a welcoming party fit for a Galactic Alliance senator when they arrived to the terminal.

If you see a fellow Star Wars fan on May the Fourth, be sure to tell them “May the Fourth Be With You.”