(COLORADO SPRINGS) — FOX21 News’ Meteorologist Robert Hahn shows viewers just how cold the arctic air blast really is with a few cold weather science experiments.

Hahn readies a bucket of boiled water and soaks a t-shirt into it before leaving the t-shirt out to face bitter windchills that are as cold as -25 to -35 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature will drop down to -10 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit east of the mountains for the evening, according to Hahn.

The t-shirt turns stiff and completely frozen within minutes.

In another experiment, boiled water can be seen thrown into the air and turning into big steam clouds.

If you’re heading out to partake in some experiments of your own, make sure to bundle up and cover as mush exposed skin as possible, with plenty of layers to preserve body heat. Gloves, hats, and scarves a must! And of course, be careful when handling boiled water, and don’t touch metal with exposed or wet skin.